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Nutrient excess or deficiency? - Red Poisen auto

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G’day all,

Just trying to diagnose my Red Poison. This is it here.



I always tend to get a little tip burn but this seems abit different. The leaves seem a little burnt along the edges of the leaves also. I only seemed to notice it after a flush but it may have been like this prior and I haven’t noticed. I wouldn’t have thought deficiency as I don’t really go about half strength nutes.


I have added another light in the tent so have a 900w mars hydro led and a 400w mars hydro led in my 1x1x2m. That is the only thing I’ve changed and I have the lights 1-1.5 foot away.


Currently using canna terra professional medium with canna Flores nutrients at 1/3 to 1/2 strength.


Does anybody have any ideas? I’ve had a good search but a lot of nutrient deficiencies seem to look very similar to excess nutrient symptoms.


Thanks in advance for any help.






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I’ve had similar but more in a bigger blotch n yellow, don’t know why , never knew what it was but was only the odd leaf here n there , I won’t worry unless it starts to get out of control

If u having been adding cal/mag through the grow it wouldn’t hurt to give it some

I was usually do 1 feed a week or 2 depending what I see



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