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From what I've researched autoflowers like constant light through veg as they flower by age not light exposure and due to their fast-growing nature, they like having a constant light source -- even at night (happy to be corrected if I'm wrong).

Have noticed her stretching a bit overnight when she's inside, I'm growing outdoor. I wanted to try to give her a bit of light to tide her over at night so she doesn't end up as a lanky mess. Thing is, this is my first grow and I haven't even scratched the surface with the basics let alone lighting. Did a brief read up to get SOMETHING while the weather is bad for the next few days as well as night time.

Is this going to help or am I far off the mark? Any light is better than none, right?

Just to reiterate, I'm not growing her strictly indoors and she gets all day sun exposure when the weather is fine. Just need a little somethin' somethin' to sort her until she's out of the early weeks.

Also, is she too close? Did the hand test and it's not hot on her at all, just pleasantly warm. Doesn't look it in the picture, but that light is so bright that when I open the cupboard she's in it's like staring into the sun. So, that's gotta be alright? Right?! lol.





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i reckon it depends on how young the seedlings are and also their size.


i use similar led lights with seedlings when it is too hot to use my cmh 315 and have found them to work well. first suggestion though is to get rid of the plastic (diffuser) dome on the led light. this will increase the amount of actual light a fair bit. this link actually compares lumens (which aren't a perfect measurement, but gives you an idea) of retail leds like you are using:



the philips leds are a bit harder to get off then mirabella ones, but when they come off they are very bright (one method is to get a drill and drill through both sides in the middle of the plastic bulb, put a screwdriver through both holes and pop off the plastic bulb ... or once drilled, use a pair of pliers to pry the dome off)


from page 11 onwards in the thread they document growing in a micro-cab with these retail leds (one plant from seedling to flower) ... it's pretty amazing:


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sorry ... forgot to answer the height question ... with your 23w led and your little sprout ... if you remove the dome diffuser, i would make sure that the light is at least 10-15cms away (from the led chips to the top of the plant). That is a fair bit of light for a small sprout. I have found that when using a 18w philips led, the internodes are close and the plant is compact. if for some reason you do get a bit of stretch though and are transplanting ... just bury the stem a bit.


i think you could run your plant under that one 23w led light without a diffuser (during the non-outside time) until the seedling gets at least 10-15cm high. i have done this and have had no problems with both feminised sativa dominant hybrid seeds (dna lemon skunk) and regular indica dominant afghani#1 seeds from sensi.

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Cheers GQ! It's funny how when you start out you don't know anything, then slowly but surely you piece it together and before you know it you've got so much stuff to get them together. Really didn't think I'd look at lighting until a lot further into growing but... here we are lol.


Cheers Pug! That's some really REALLY helpful info, mate. I'm gonna give your advice a lot of thought today and also have a go at removing the diffuser. Like I said, wasn't really looking at getting some growth from the light (would be great but, ya know), just wanted to stop her from stretching overnight and on dreary days by giving her something bright. Yeah, she's going to be transplanted into a 12L fabric pot once she's a bit bigger so I will make sure to bury her stem a bit. Thanks heaps for an informative reply. It's helped me heaps. Was limited to Bunnings and remembered 3000 lumen and just grabbed the bulb and got outta there because the kids were whinging lol. Had I been allowed to just meander around, perhaps I may have found something more suitable, or maybe not. At least I have something coming next week that will sort me out well and truly. Til then, I'll make do and utilize your advice. Thank you!


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no worries mate :)


i've never grown autos, but can see why people do. i'm a bit old-school with my seeds ... the lemon skunk are my first feminised seeds - always used regular before.


reckon you'll have a good system for your situation sorted in no time. that's one of the best things about growing ... so many different ways that work.


merl1n, tunkers and greenqueen all know their stuff ... we all just have a bit different way of doing things. :)

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