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First time grow

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So im on my first grow has been a lot of trial and error thus far but im about 2 weeks into flower, growth still seems fairly slow im going to order another 450w vipar this week and see if that helps. Just after any opinions on how they are looking, theres some discolouration on the leaves and i believe it may be due to ph? I am now phing everything that goes in there to 5.5-6.5. Just waiting for my calibration solition to arrive so i can make sure its on point then ill start checking the runoff and adjust as needed.


Random seeds from a mate. All look female so far fingerscrossed.

Soil (probably a bit cheap and nasty)

450w viparspectra will be x2 asap

6" inlet 6" outlet with scrubber

Using a grow and bloom feeding schedule.


Next grow is already on its way, i have germinated some bc big bud seeds. 3/5 popped so far (feminized) just got en under a cfl until this ones finished. post-63092-152145595796_thumb.jpgpost-63092-152145596725_thumb.jpgpost-63092-152145597588_thumb.jpg


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