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Can any ome help me out with what i might be doing wrong took these clones about 14 days ago useing clonex and rockwool cubes have start started to show roots but the stems are turning purple i belive this may be because the temp geting to low and the leaves are turning yellow from the bottom leaves up should i start feeding or is the light to close had the light right on top of the dome any advice would be greatly appreciated tiapost-62955-152111934309_thumb.jpegpost-62955-152111934899_thumb.jpegpost-62955-152111935464_thumb.jpeg


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Hey mate do you have them in a humidity dome?? I find the dome and spraying them with water and a small amount of rhizotonic every day , stops the leaves yellowing while they root. I generally wait until theres roots spewing out of the rockwool before ill start to introduce nutrients[emoji16]

I took these 7 days ago off my ghost train motherplant....201ca6c9501830e64828a98a76224595.jpg9c220309deed49fd86d00938e8484b4a.jpg


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Hey Dmax

                  Something I'd like to point out. You plant has 2 types of roots, fluid roots and air roots. Too much air and the fluid roots dry out and die. Too much fluid and your air roots drown. Those cubes seem waterlogged to me. Its all about a balance air vs water vs grow medium (in this case rockwool) When I clone I soak the cubes, remove them from the fluid then squeeze the excess fluids from the cubes before adding the cutting. Using Dr Argon's idea and spraying them is a much better option for you if you are not sure. You want nice, strong, white roots like his.


As for the leaf discoloration, here's a chart that might help you to diagnose.



P.S. I'd tend to agree with Pedro. N maybe.


Hope it helps


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no N ?

Yeah maybe....im honestly not sure mate, i dont give nutrients until the roots are like in the pic, so could be??

Sometimes it doesn't happen at all. Like i took 4 skywalker cuttings at the same time as the ghost train, they havent gone purple at all....

Ive started feeding them tonight so will go away pretty quickly[emoji4]


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