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hey mick 

i've used my worm wee 

i could never find a happy amount of wee per liter 

either i over did it or under did it 


you could def use all the way though start to finish 

it can be a lill inconsistent , like if you had rain & your bin is outdoors 

the rain water can dilute the wee a bit 


i like top dressing castings & keeping them mulched , the castings will have soil life , nematodes ect

which is handy for fighting gnats & other pests , & will also feed each time you water though the castings 


but def give worm wee a go , have a test plant to play with trying diff amounts per liter & seeing what effect 

it has on ya test plant , b4 using it on something important  

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i did this too mate 

i had no way of knowing but i think it was mostly nutrients rather than something living 


at the time it wasn't a negative , if you use molasses & brew for to long or use to much

it can get nasty , generally longer than 24hrs but outdoor temps play a roll in how fast things move 


trust your nose , if it gets smelly , ugly smelly , don't use it or use it on something else , cause there is 

some suggestion that says putting life , good or bad , in the soil is a good thing 


i didn't use one that smelt rank , possibly used to much molasses & it coated everything inside the barrel 

airlines , air stones , was a bit on the Yuk side 

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