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Taco leaves

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This has happened to me in 2 grows. Each time I switch from my led lights to hps for flower and at the same time from veg to flowering nutes I get the dreaded taco leaves. My autos are now in flower I'd say week 2.

Some info about my grow, I will send pics later -

H&G coco nutes A and B

3 gal coco only in fabric pots

Water to decent run off now every 48 hrs.

400w hps bulb now about 16 inches from top of my canopy. Cheap reflector.

Oscillating fan going through the plants ok I think.

Cheap USB fan hooked onto reflector directed at the light.

Feed has always included calmag.

500ppm for mixed nutes and water going in.

Didn't test run off yet.

Humidity about 70 on average (I can't really change this as its not in a tent).


I've done a bit of reading and possibly due to me not watering to run off in the early stages (heeding advice that apparently autos don't like transplants which I'm starting to question now) maybe salts have built up?


My next step is to test runoff to confirm or not if I have salt build up - runoff would be high ppm I guess.


Yes, I'll post pics later too :)


Any ideas or suggestions team?


Thanks all.





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Could it be the sudden change in heat from led to hps causing it?

Could be. I've got 2 seedlings at about 3 weeks old sitting a bit lower than the other plants and they're OK although stretching a bit. Btw taco effect is only happening on the top leaves near the buds so you might be right about the light heat. Also a bit of yellow veins too.


I'll get those pics soon!




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