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opium poppies

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Ive often thought about it lol but alas no, would love to get hold of some tobacco seed

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Not so much opium poppies, but i wouldn't mind growing my own baccy. Bit of a process/learning curve to cure and ferment it. What's the go with the wild tobacco we see growing all over the place. I have seen on tobacco forums people say it is unusable, but nobody as been able to give me a good reason why. My rational mind says it must come from genetics that were grown in the region and been naturually dispersed by wind and bird?? I did have one bloke tell me "wild tobacco" is not actually tobacco and is dangerous to use.. nfi how legit that advice is.. anyone tried curing and smoking the wild stuff.....


Sorry for the thread hijack Ozzy, have you checked out shaman australis forums?

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I know all about addiction and no it not a nice thing.


I have a lot of pain issues and now the Gov has taken codeine off the shelf.


Yes this is a pot forum but we still talk and ask about non canna drugs.


Cacti and other non canna plants that have affects have been talked talked about on the boards...

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Mate i wouldnt be swapping codeine tablets with raw opium, its physically addictive mate your body will start to depend on it and youll get sick without it.... not to mention if you got caught growing poppies that had be cut and processed for opium youd be fuct mate... not even slightly worth it imo [emoji16]


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