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Male or female ? First hobby grow

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Yeah buddy where the buds are starting to form, but after seeing the other pic of the whole plant im confident there just doing there thing and they will get bigger over the next few weeks, they look like they should be fine to me, still early days they still have plenty growing to do yet so dont pull them till there truly ready lol


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Hopefully these help!

Like I said I’m just a fresh noob grower haha, yield isn’t even a factor for me, even if I get 1 bud off it I’ll have the achievement and knowledge to continue on like the rest of the hobby farmers :)


Any info to help me out will be amazing!

Thanks again! [emoji1308][emoji1308]



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Success!! So far anyway!

I didn’t want to get a male and have to throw it out and start over, tho I was willing to lol.


I just used gogo juice from bunnings and ph perfect grow , just gogo every other feed , flushed them last night after 2 weeks of nitrogen, now I just need a bud booster, I’m thinking about trying big bud or liquid of potash from bunnings



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