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What's wrong with this leaf (apart from not being on plant anymore

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Plant is 3weeks old in soil
water one day and 1/4 strength fertilize next
low humidity environment plenty ventilation
LED globe, no hot.
other plants (in grow tent) that have leaves touching this plant but no signs of problems with them
Upper and lower leaves affected, but mainly lower older leaves, upper leaves just a few spots.
Plant looks healthy and growing vigorously.
Problem started about a week ago.
No signs of bugs
Heathy leaves look healthy and green, no curl or issues.
Blasted with neem oil 1/2 strength a few days ago to see if any improvement, none yet.
does this look familiar to anyone?
TY x



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All plants in grow tent get same treatment, same soil, same water and nutrients, only this one plant is showing this. Plants get minimal water, soil dry before i water again, soil is good potting mix.

If anything it could be too much nutrients but other plans (same strain, same age) are fine.  I think a bug problem but cannot see any bugs, and other plants would be affected also as leaves are touching from plant to plant.  If left untreated plant will die as new leaves are affected also (just a few little brown spots on them)


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Check the pH of the soil and let us know what it is. My guess would be the nutrients are altering the soils pH making the nutes from the bottle unusable by the plant. I would assume the nutes took the pH up... Maybe, dunno. Vinegar to lower it to 6.5 or lime to raise it. All just a guest from the one post but I'd say knowing the pH is essential.
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It's a little blurry but my guess is the roots are over wet with watering one day and nutes the next.


Looks a bit like leaves on a plant I posted in my diary last night,,I can only put it down to a too wet root zone.


It would be wise to check the PH of your runoff and or the soil PH because wrong ph can cause similar issues.

Photo of the whole plant would help.



This plant ,I'm sure is suffering from wet feet





This plant is starting to go the same way



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Yeah agree check that pH, even reputable growing medias can be out sometimes. I'm gonna go with either a calcium or magnesium def. If watering is good, pH is on point then add some calmag, maybe half strength to start with and then see how it looks after a week. If you notice slight improvement increase calmag strength in the second week. Some strains can be more cal or mag hungry than others.


Hope she doesn't die!!

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