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Re-veging autos?

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Howdy y'all. Has anyone had experience with autos that decided to return to veg just before harvest..my girl here was only a couple weeks away when I made the rookie mistake of bending down the main cola. I'm curious is it now a photo period thing to bud or what.. so confused. Although looks like it's starting to flower again now..

Happy timing ☺



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It was a couple of weeks away from what ?


A 10 day cruise around the Caribbean.


Seriously though, bit of a odd one. Can only think that photoperiod genetics are dominating in the later stages, if it did indeed show signs of budding up earlier. But you'd tend to think the genetics would be predetermined, and it would grow out as either one or the other from the get go.


Hopefully someone else can chime in with a better explanation to what's going on here.

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