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Possible fungus? Helpppppp

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Hey stoners (:

Need some help please!

First grow here, not sure of the strain, just a couple my mate gave me and I chucked em in..


I gave them a spray of pyrethrum after noticing a few little bugs flying around in there..

giving them a dose of fert and gogo tonight and noticed a few discoloured patches on the fan leaves..


Anybody seen this or got any suggestions for me?

Thanks heaps guysfc3a04a02370e06de92af4093ca8663d.jpg

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yep, seen it heaps and don't worry about it would be my recommendation.

Slight damage like that is common. Not seeing the whole plant means any comparison is impossible but she seems to be a nice rich green.

But there's nothing there to be hitting the panic button for imo

Being a newbie...  ....mello....mello..... she's in veg stage, by the looks, and can take a bit of minimal damage, but all is OK

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