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N-TOX? Help Required :)

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Hey guys,


So the first pics a from a few days ago which i narrowed down to nitrogen deficiency...so she was due for a feed via the powerfeed instructions.


40-50ml in 9ltr can i fees other plants i got with it as well..


Did that waited a few days and nothing...so i gave her a shot of powerfeed (30ml in 2-3L of water).


Come home to her looking all upset and not well....think ive just giving it a overdose of Nitrogen???


Any tips on how to go about fixing this amature mistake haha first time growing and just dont want to fuck up but by all means i am learning on the fly thats for sure!!


1) Am i feeding the right nutes??


2) is Ph an issue at all coz ive been feeding her a few times normally but it ended up with a nitrogen deficiency.


3) reading my powerfeed content i got 10:2:1


Or 11%N 1.1%P 6.5%K


Cheers HEAPS in advance and welcome any kind of input [emoji4]5207abdda81eb26b6c181e67f242badf.jpg6aa81618efffa9601c684461b478e312.jpga0505728525b4def88e30c66d9afc26f.jpg9c376a420783cd2b54ac9a93501ab2bf.jpg76c76662d6e32627e86f11a69bfa1d5e.jpgc33ceec8bf6f48460e79b374cd258fd9.jpg


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see the leaves straight out in the first pic 

& after you watered they curled 


that's over watering mate 


those leaves are telling you that was the wrong time to water the plant 

the bottom yellow leaves possibly means this has happened B4 


if the leaves curl every time you water then your watering to soon after the last watering 

over watered plants can show what looks like all sorts of probs 

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Thanks heaps guys, it had me fucked coz as i stated it started looking deficent in Nitrogen then gave her a feed but at the time i kinda thought i over dosed it haha


Leaving her out in the sun today see how she goes with a bit of sun...


I find its a little harder to get my water schedule down pat coz of the soil i use and the fabric pots haha


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when plants are small so are root systems 

the consumption of water will constantly change as the plant gets bigger  

weather , warmer it is they consume more , cooler they consume less , constant variables 


use weight of the pot to tell you when you need water 


feel the weight of the pot just after you've watered it 

you wanna wait till that weight has decreased by 40-50% to water again 


as GQ said follow bottle instructions , nutrient Co's want you to use more so you buy more 

generally the rec's are at the higher end of dosage , def can use less but never more , in saying 

that some plants can take or want more but you walk a fine line playing that game 

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Thanks guys!!! Definatly helped a newbie out haha hate seeing my plants all sad n shit haha



Left her out in the sun when i left for at 5:30...just got home then and shes looking alot better so thanks again for your help to everyone who posted :D


See Attached Pic:f89cbda0b55731864fff564ecf564a80.jpg


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mulching will help to retain moisture by stopping soil evaporation 


will also help distribute moister more evenly throughout the pot 


will encourage soil life to feed at the bottom of the mulch layer , making it there 

food source , which they will protect along with your root system from any of the

bad guys trying to mussel in on a good thing 


over watering means less air , less air is where some of the bad guys like it to be 

good guys struggle in these conditions letting the bad guys get the upper hand 


other side of coin 


letting the pot dry out means all microorganisms & other soil life POQ leaving your plant 

with no protection against invasion


pro's & con's 

if you have a choice to over or under water , you would choose under water , in all most all cases 

a under watered pot can be re hydrated & re inoculated fairly quickly , over watering can cause 

probs like root rot , which is very hard to recover from & often will kill a plant if watering is not stopped   

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so my original issue has been sorted...now it was definatly a N deficency but have since fixed her up since then now shes ready to wanna flower!!


The 2 smaller ones are still growing decently and already wanting flowering...

I beleave its due to my late entry into the outdoor season as the 2 small ones where poted on 1st Jan


Im thinking of switching the biggest to flower nutes and the 2 smaller ones keep them vegging but put them in the garage at night to get a bit more light...basically taking what ive learnt from the tall one and applying to my smaller ones..


Any recomendations on nutes for flowering??34323c67f37ce383a6b630b67ac16a4b.jpgc979d03ea73a6b2c26d5702add4f230b.jpg007ecb64724499b2d73057cefca797b7.jpgd5ca0caa854698a5fe03120c665bca3d.jpgc3f8ec0c110e3f59e6e8d8af7b5a3785.jpga3f779dc9581c132cb3dafc8f3c732c6.jpg



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