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help please... SPIDER MITES?

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Hey guys first time poster seeking out help!!!!!

ive had this problem for a couple weeks and thought it was either stress from transferring from outdoors to indoors or a nutrient toxicity/deficiency if some sort? ive been feeding very cautiously watching levels of all kinds (tds meter and vial ph tests....very outdated i know) any way this arvo after work i check on her and its looking worse for wear so i finally get my magnifying glass out and whalla i spot little critters everywhere......... i gave the plant a good old heavy spray/soaking with a slight alcohol and eucalyptus oil mix 20 mins before lights off at 6 and now im just panicking wondering ehat do i do next?????







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Hi cannattack, the white speckling marks look very similar to mite damage to me but i havent used the solution yo u have mixed and sprayed with before so im not sure ho w effective it is but if it works then you may not have to do anything except maybe repeat spraying every 5to7days till you can see that there not an issue anymore however though spider mites are notorious for being hard to rid as they are prolific breeders so it maybe best to hit them hard and fast before they start to cause irreparable damage if your plants are in veg still then neem oil,eco oil,yates natures way natrasoap pest spray,chilli and garlic spray and many others,i dont like to spray with anything after my plants are in flower, spider mites dont always web strait away but they will do it eventually though one good thing about mites if you do still have them when it comes time to harvest just pull them roots and all and hang them upside down and 95% of them will go to the top and web there and die its one bonus i suppose, hope it helps cannattack,cheers,,,GQ


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Hey there cannattack.

From looking at the photos I think I can see your plant is taking in too much Phosphorus which is giving the burnt look on the leaves.

As for the white specks... they do look like damage from sap sucking pests. Best place is to look is the under sides of the leaves for them (magnifying glass can help for those with eyes that arent the best).

Since there is a number of different pests it could be I would recommend doing some research so you can identify what you're dealing with.

Most sap sucking pests can be easily treated with Neem Oil (organic) which can be found at Bunnings and most other hardware/gardening stores... (directions on the bottle are very straight forward and easy to use).

Personally I have treated crops for spider mites and white-fly on separate occasions. For me white-fly were definitely much harder to control with oils... but this can all vary with grow setups and bug species & strains. The key to spraying is soaking undersides of leaves and reapplying the spray 3-5 days after the first spray.


Serrated edge is right on the money. Back off the nutrients a bit,

Nutrient bottles will tell you the maximum amount of nutrients to use... and everyone will automatically think more is better. But Cannabis does not need that amount the bottle says, go probably 1/4 less. Often with nutrients 'less is more!'.


First time post, but I hope I can help. Let us know how you go!



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