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Xjenn's butter

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Here is my method. The result is very mild in taste but works great, I once had a very experienced smoker eat one brownie only to spend 30mins at its peak looking for his toes until he realised he had shoes on. Haha.

OK here goes. 7-8 grams of very well cured bud, I'm talking more than a month in the jar, fresher stuff will give you a green/chlorophyll taste which won't necessarily affect the potency only the flavour. Grind it up very fine. 250 grams of Nutelex spread, seems to work better than butter it doesn't get nutty flavour when cooked and the soy lecithin supposedly helps the extraction, this will yield around 220ish grams of finished butter.

Add spread to a pan with about 2 cups of water. Heat on the stove once the spread has melted add the pot bring up to a light but constant simmer for 3-4 hours, stir occasionally. You must keep adding water so it doesn't burn if you use a small pot the water won't boil off as quick. When it's done pour it off into a container and let it set. All the greenery will sink in the water and the spread will float on top and set into a very clean and mildly flavoured block. Lift out your butter clean off any residual crap underneath. Done.


Use it to replace the butter in you cooking.

As a guide I use it in a chocolate slice that uses 250g butter used butter mix and added normal butter to make up the 250g makes approx 35 - 5 cm sq by 2cm thick pieces of which 1 will give anyone a serious body stone. 2 will get a heavy smoker very stoned. Or put it on toast as you would with normal butter. 2 pieces of toast nice but heavy stone I wouldn't have it before work :-) a couple of table spoons in a pasta dish or stew can make for a very nice "relaxing" meal.


Don't know if this is because of the spread I use but it takes a good hour before any real effects are felt. Don't make the mistake I did the first time. I double then triple dosed cos I was impatient and though nothing was happening. The result was some what overwhelming if I wasn't as versed in the medicated state I would have been downright terrified


Anyway enjoy and happy medicating. Xjenns




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hey mate sounds cool 

technically in this case it's not a extraction , it's a infusion of butter or Ghee or whatever 

or it's a butane or alcohol or C02 extraction , where the solvent is removed in the final product 

being left with what you extracted 


you can also look at infusing MCT oil , medium chain triglycerides ( coconut oil ) , being better for you than butter

& prob nutelex 


as far as knocking out a long time smoker , this is not unusual , when you consume cannabis or THC orally 

it converts to 11 Hydroxy THC in the body , 10x stronger than smoking THC 


seen a good vid on dosing , if you have 1 gram of canna & it's 10% thc = in 1000 milligrams (1g) you have 100 milligrams of THC , 10%

5g = 500mg ,10g = 1000mg or 1g of THC & so on & so on 


it's the milligram THC you work your dosing on & not the dried weight , 

doesn't really matter as it's working for you the way you do it , just helps to know how much THC is enough 

as dry weight has no influence on potency of the final infusion , meaning , different strain infusions based on weight 

will give you different potency if one strain is 10% & the next is 20%


good stuff X 

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All good. Thanks for the info if we don't share how can we learn.

It is true the more potent the gear the stronger the end product will be. That's why it is important to test run a small amount first to gauge the strength of the end result.


Just on the coconut oil being better for you than the butter, and this is as per my dietitian/doctor you can also research this yourself, coconut oil is higher in saturated fat than all of the vege based oils aswell as butter and while it has 0 cholesterol it is much higher in the fatty acids that raise the bad cholesterol and also lower in the ones that raise the good cholesterol in your blood. The small amount used won't have a big impact on your body but from a health stand point virgin olive oil, if the taste doesn't bother you, would probably be the best option as it is just as high in antioxidants and also sets up like butter when chilled. I don't like using butter, lactose intolerant and I don't like the taste. The Nutelex is dairy free, low salt and has a fairly neutral flavour.

And....We also have to be careful assuming a certain strain will produce a certain percentage of THC, just like the heat of chillies, the THC content of our cannabis can be affected by phenotype, growing and storage conditions. The potential THC for a certain variety is a figure provided by the original producers this figure is obtained by lab testing several samples from a large amount of finished product and taking the average. In Oz we can't really just walk into the CSIRO n say hey bro can ya test my weed for me :-)


Thanks again Itchy always appreciate new information


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would love nothing more than to walk in to the CSIRO for canna testing , i'd be there best customer i reckon 


of cause without the testing it makes it a lill on the hard side to have accurate dosing , best you can do is have a

guesstimate if your lucky to have a strain that has had some test results , even if the results is from a breeder 

otherwise use the same cut each time & your petty much right , just hard to predict what it will do to someone else

especially if it's someone who has never consumed canna B4 , a bad trip will turn them off for life  


your still right , how longs a piece of string at the moment 


 cholesterol , there's a whole lot of new research out there now on cholesterol , do you know what Ketosis is or putting the body in ketosis

it's when you basically train the body to burn stored fat as an energy source rather than carbohydrates 

there is a diet called the ketogenic diet , everyones diff but the diet consists of around 10% carbohydrates , 15% protein & 75% fat 

which keeps the body in ketosis & a bunch of ketones being produced in the blood 

i think the real issue is white sugar 


have a look at the short vid with Dr Rhonda Patrick https://youtu.be/4dnajncgxwg you can watch the whole pod cast here https://youtu.be/A9Mj0Q9y084

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