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special pool

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i would like 2 share some+hing wi+h u fine ppl

i'm sure u're aware of even+s happening a+ bob's place over las+ few weeks

i had one sm seedling in a po+ was nursing back 2 heal+h af+er popo did +he s+omp on

aniweigh was goin ok un+il las+ week i saw leaves falling off and plan+ looked sick


i was wa+ering and flushing i+, when mi 3ear old grandaugh+er came up and said 'don+ have 2 do i+ poppie'

i said 'whi no+'

she said 'cause i been wa+ering i+ from mi special pool'

i said 'wha+ u +alking bou+ darling'

mi special pool she said poin+ing a+ her po++ie which she does her business in beside big pool


well fuk me how could i become mad when she +hough+ she was helping


i do'n+ know wha+ she's been drinking bu+ poor plan+ looks like spen+ few hours inside nuclear reac+or


kids, go++a love em (or s+rangle em)

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If they survive you might get some crazy mutated genes with interesting traits? ...name it chemical warfare and charge top dollar for the seeds heh ....Ok maybe not but you can always dream. Ever heard of nuclear farming? Something they tried back in 50s I think. Bury a mildly radioactive rock in your garden and grow super mutants. I believe some currently available vegetable varie ties started life this way https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_gardening


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shne's same li++le girl which le+ rip wi+h no.2's in main pool

i have never seen 11 grown adul+s jump ou++a a swimming pool so quicklee like been chased bi a grea+ whi+e or some+hin

swear +here fee+ did no+  +ouch wa+er

i +hink would ra+her ge+ chomped on bi shark +han have 2 deal wi+h babee poo

no-one wen+ in 4 five dais

+hinking of hiring her 2 keep bas+ards ou++a mi pool


u know anee 3ear olds micmac

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