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Help! Nutrient burn?

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So I know this is probably the wrong forum to ask on, but does anyone know why my tomato plant has yellow spots on the leaves? fb2c4c5806c2b21972a2f9d35c95c653.jpg7c520bab3bf85287a9a6c417f721bd97.jpga1913c0b3f083f7fc5bd10c547b94b43.jpg the photo quality is shitty i apologise, I am actually trying to grow cannabis I'm not trolling d3c1589b9b73445d59305f84ac1da2b0.jpg


But seriously I'm worried about my cannabis's companion [emoji23] I've stopped feeding nutes and have been feeding just normal tap water. If I'm killing this tomato plant I don't have much hope for the little girl (hopefully), it already took weeks to get her to sprout.


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The tomato will be fine. That looks like a fairly old leaf. Old leaves will die off like that. You can remove them about 5mm from the main stem if you like but it's not necessary unless they are touching the ground. As long as your new growth is healthy the plant will be fine.


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Thanks :) she's still kicking and the little seedling is starting his second set of leafes


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