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Help from the jedi’s (Weird flowering?)


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So basically I acquired 4 clones a few months back I straight away put them outside in coco they started to grow well and about almost 2 months ago it started to flower early. I was confused because the daylight is getting longer and I assumed it would just go back into vegging. The longest it seemed to go into flowering was about 3 weeks and it’s just stayed sorta like that for a good month now I’ll put up photos if someone could shed some light as to what the hell is going on with them please let me know. Are they going to keep this weird flowering that doesn’t seem to get any bigger or fatter or is it trying to revert back to vegging ?post-42887-0-78860500-1511676036_thumb.jpegpost-42887-0-80434100-1511676106_thumb.jpegpost-42887-0-51801300-1511676159_thumb.jpegpost-42887-0-14928700-1511676226_thumb.jpegpost-42887-0-35562500-1511676313_thumb.jpegpost-42887-0-56440500-1511676368_thumb.jpegpost-42887-0-68511600-1511676459_thumb.jpegpost-42887-0-52456300-1511676512_thumb.jpegpost-42887-0-80068300-1511676578_thumb.jpeg
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Sweet thanks for the information peeps :) what should I do about the feeding, should I give it the amount it recommends for flowering or should I give it the normal amount it would have for vegging ? They take Cana coco part a and b atm I’ve got them in between the recommended Dosage for flower and vegging. Didn’t know which way to swing.
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