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Let there be light?

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Hi Guys and Girls,

I'm new to the indoor scene and have been researching madly about how to start myself off on my first indoor grow having only a few outdoor runs under my belt.

I am excited and also overwhelmed with the options out there compared to growing outdoors.

Now the background info and my constraints;

  • I intend on using a small walk in wardrobe as the space with a tent setup inside
  • The space available roughly 0.9m x 0.7m x 1.75m without removing shelving 
  • Ventilation may be very hard as its not near windows or roof cavity to run ducting it will pretty much flow out into a 3m x 3m room
  • My consumption is quite low and its personal use id say 2-3oz should be plenty for a harvest based on short veg/autoflower grow cycle
  • Low electricty usage, low noise and low heat output is the name of the game.

My options (feel free to chime in with others)

  • CFL's 
  • LED (Viparspectra 300w or 450w)
  • Cob LED complete kit (no DIY options)
  • HPS (Nanolux 400w variable running at 50%, 75%, & cooltube)

Personally, given its my first time indoors and I dont want to spend big to start off small I am thinking CFL's as it lends itself to low heat and low stretch with training however the vipar led's are still quite cheap and run cooler from the reviews I have read.

Given the space restrictions and whats out there i am looking at a 60 x 60 x 1.6 tent running 1-2 plants max, short veg/auto and just running clones/seeds in a smaller tent.

Please give me some advice about where I should be focusing my attention.


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