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Are my lights too close?

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First off ive just changed from having led on its side to seperating both plants so one is under led and other cfl


Led is my clone


Cfl 125w is my grow from seed


The led is apparently 1000w but im unsire on accuracy, it has helped them bush out when ir was on side, but now im interested in seeing the growth differences, anyways, thiughts on these distances??




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if reallie a 1000 wa++  ligh+ as close as u have, all u would have is a li++le pile of dus+


hope u no+  dissapoin+ed probs more like 200-400


how abou+ raising led 12in and have ure cfl's running from sides ?


u can have cfl's as close as u wan+


if +hen u have no burn +hen slowlie lower led un+il u find swee+ spo+


if u was having success originallie whi change ?

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I agree bob if it aint broken dont fix it lol but nothin wrong with a bit of experimenting either thats a great way to find out first hand what works for however if you only have a few plants to play with tread with caution when experimenting as you can loose your precious plants very fast when things go wrong,i always like to have a couple of spare ones ready to replace just incase lol all the best with your grow newneebieseed


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Thanks guys, I changed because I wanted to see the growth differences and if I could sustain temps nicely but unfortunatly I have had to bump the ambient temp since moving it out into its own setup, im definetly thinking of going back to how it was,


I honestly dont think its 1000w its just as I was told, as even on its side I had it fairly close,, cfl on the side and led on top might be todays experiment,



Given as I work fulltime I use my weekend to twist tweak and monitor

And I thought because clone has just been transferred to a bigger bucket that a light change also might assist it, in saying all of this


After yesterdays transfer and light change I still have amazing overnight growth


How is this!! I had it about 1cm away from the temp sensor last nightf2d8fb0cb2b035fa38a5d20fa823a211.jpg


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