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How long should I leave seedlings under the propagator dome?

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Hey y'all!!

I have 6 beans...all sprouted except one but it's only been three days...

All were started in Jiffy pellets and under the propagator dome. I've only lifted the dome off to check on them as the condensation stops me looking inside to see if the pellets are dry or not.

I want to transplant the Jiffys directly into pots but don't know how long I should wait. First set of real leaves? A certain height? All advice is gratefully appreciated.


Cheers!! :-)


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Do it now, no need for a dome with seeds

Really? Just give them a few days to harden up to proper sunlight? I've had them outside, not direct sunlight, under the entertainment area. Filtered light through a fiberglass section in the roof.

Discovered my hot water service makes for a good heat mat throughout the day too!!

And I can mulch with pea straw just to help retain moisture in the pots?

Cheers mate ☺☺☺

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Yeah plant them in small pots, jiffy pellets these days are absolutely shit they dry out within a few hours if your not around to maintain them, don't have the dome on or else they will die


or leave a small puddle in the bottom of the tray for the JP to soak up as it needs it but i would just pot it

Ok. Thanks for that. Guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow lol!
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