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Once u find a method stick to it!

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Got some A-Ultimate going by Dutch Passion thought they were going ok but started to see little burning happening i didn't think much of it most of the burning than increased on only one and it was a mutant common within the DP Auto's, so i continued and done a water change now at this point i am thinking i let it go to long but it should recover


my problem was i went from coco to RDWC which is chalk and cheese between the two systems, it was playing on the back of my mind what chemicals may have been ran thru the chiller by previous owner but the TDS meter was only showing 240ppm which is 150ppm tap water and only 90ppm of actual food


so today i pumped out the water and thought u silly fucker! i feel like an absolute dick, when i started i was looking for the most less maintenance as possibly from the RDWC set up so i looked online and people were saying to add part A nute to the system and let it circulate for 20mins well i didn'tt have 20mins before adding part B i waited 5mins so totally my fuck up


while i was pumping the water out i noticed it was cloudy an obvious sign my part A and part B have locked out from each other and caused the salt to suspend in mid water


i am now pre-mixing every bucket of water so no more screw up's but lack of giving a shit has set me back


so if something u find works for u keep doing it don't change unless u have too

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We all have to go thru a learning Gazz, but I have to agree with you.

Me, I use the KISS theory, Keep It Simple Stupid. Initially I did the 'change this, then change that, then change the next thing....' If I can cock it up, it will happen without me even trying

Now, I have my methods pretty much set. So any changes now are more tweaks, small changes and (touch wood) so far all has worked well.

KISS works for me, now I can set and forget. Flush each fortnight and test pH/EC daily but that's about it, my technique works for me and my setup and that's all I need.



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I went all in so far its going ok but the A and B lock out making the water cloudy i only just found that today all sorted now so should be fun from here on


my system is actually moving around 200-250 litres per hour so you'd think well i did ha that by adding A waiting 5mins than adding B would dilute in the 25 litres in the system and i only mixed in 15mls of each it was recommended something like 150mls of each at full strength

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