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Pineapple Chunk - Old Trusty, who remembers?

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Hey hows it going ?


Who remembers the infamous Pineapple Chunk ? lol.


I bought a pack years and years and years ago now. When they were already out  a year or so.

Well I got a couple freebies of the good old Barneys Farm Pineapple Chunk in the mail this year.

So I threw one in.


You got no idea, I'm blazing away on some Ripley's O.G. and I walk in and have a look at this Pineapple Chunk in veg....

.... then the memories flew back in.


I grew Pineapple Chunk for around a year.... She clones like a champion.

Smells like awesome fruity tropical pineapple smell in flower.

Tastes awesome when you smoke her.

Has bag appeal and gets you fairly well bent , in  pleasant way.

I finished a 5yr old cured jar of it this year too lol.


So who remembers old trusty Pineapple Chunk here ?

Does anyone still grow it ?


Lets here it for Pineapple Chunk back in the day !!!


here she is here, laying dormant in veg for me.... just waiting ;)




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