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What could this be?

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no worries 

if you get a lill compost or castings & top dress 

add some mulch to stop the compost layer drying out 

the  mycelium will move through & feed on the compost & punch though the 

rest of the soil to find your root system , which has prob already happened in some way 


get your soil covered in that stuff & compost & water be all you need brother

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Wouldn't having compost on the top layer cause fungas gnats?


(Have a bit of a slight infestation already) been letting the soil dry out pretty good then watering the plant.


Also have one of those bug zapper things in there next to the plant on the timer.


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Ive brought mushroom compost in a bag with heeeeaaaps of this white stuff. Just never knew what it was


Cheers for the information :D


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pros & cons P

letting the pot dry def helps with gnat infestation 

but letting the pot dry out is no good for the beneficial life in the soil 

the same life that will help keep gnats & others in check 


stick with your plan if you've got gnats or look into nematodes 

although i think it better to start with nematodes B4 infestation 

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