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Organic Pest Controls and IPM

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good one nici , ps might have something of yours to have a look at soon , that's might , if i keep getting balls , maybe not 


i would start at plant health , go's a long way to helping the plant protect herself 

aloe , em-1 , kelp teas , silica , fulvic to get things in to the plant a lill easier , foliar or drench 

top dresses , malted barley powder , neem cake , kelp . lucerne , barley straw , comfrey , living mulches & companion planting 


essential oils , rosemary as a pesticide & thyme oil as a fungicide , neem oil for everything

aloe vera for the saponins & there work on bugs ( insecticide )


the only other thing , if your going to spray a pesticide oil or whatever , better to use things like silica & aloe as emulsification of oils

rather than soap , soap has zero benefit to the plant apart from taking out a few bugs , both aloe & silica will do the same & increase

plant health , considering plants don't really like being sprayed with an oil , may as well give'em something nice at least  

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