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2017 grow

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Hi All, 


Three years ago, I was give a few weed seeds by chance from a friend. I am not a big smoker but I decided to plant the seeds and watch it grow. Only 1 out of the 10 seeds grew, but it was worth it. It was a great learning experience and I had a lot of fun. It ended up being a nice big plant, you can see the results here:



The second and third years were no good. In the second year, I only had two seeds and they didn't survive the first week - not enough sun I reckon. The third year I was given a small plant that grew into a male, so disappointing. 


This year, someone from this site has helped me out with some seeds, they know who they are and its really appreciated. 


I planted five different seeds:

Sinmint cookies x DNA tangie

Sunshine Daydream (SSDD) x Tranquil Elephantizer (TE)

DNA Florida Gold x DNA Tangie


Barneys Farm Cookies Kush


I planted them about a week ago and as of today, only three have sprouted: Barneys Farm Cookies Kush, Sunshine Daydream (SSDD) x Tranquil Elephantizer (TE), and the Bubblefuck. Attached are photos of the plants.


The first photo has the Barneys Farm Cookies Kush on the RHS and the SSDD x TE seed on the LHS.


The other photo is of the bubblefuck. It sprouted with its shell on and I delicately ripped that off, hopefully its ok. 


I dont have a lot of faith for the two others given the length of time its been. 


All I am hoping for is one healthy female plant. That is all I need for my smoking needs. However, I really want a couple so I can experiment with growing techniques and learn as much as I can as to what makes a nice healthy plant.


Anyway, hope you are all doing well here (seen some familiar names lurking) and thanks for following my 2017 growing journey.



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