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Brittle stems

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I usually run at least one oscillating fan 24/7 once the the plants get to 100mm high on low then bring up the speed once they can handle more. And when I done a scrog grow and it'd fill the grow space I'd usually have one below the canopy, and one just above it


It's bit of a bummer you got limited space, because those $15 30cm oscillating fans from Bunnings do the trick. They're generally 15-20 watt motors which makes them cheap as chips to run and when they do eventually shit themselves, it's relatively cheap change over.

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Thanks guys, will check out bunnings for thise smaller fans. Its pokey and lucky i don't have long hair but I can fit it in one static, one oscillating and normally run one static underneath when things get dense. Me thinks 2 little oscillators would be the go, cheers



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