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Using no electricity

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Creeks streams attract all sorts of traffic, wildlife and human. So I'd advise to steer clear of any hoses, irrigation pipe, etc. that entail a pump or gravity feed system because it'll lead straight back to your grow. better off carting water from stream/creek/river to the grow site that is hopefully some distance away, as well as using water crystals mixed into the soil until the plants are established. If we have a reasonable wet season or regular rain they should do alright until seasons end.


Good luck!



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What he said.


Last thing you want in a guerilla grow is pumps, pipes, solar panels, generators etc attracting attention.  And close to water is where rippers tend to start looking, and trails leading from water, let alone a pipe, are what they follow.  Cart it in by hand, and don't leave clear trails.


Unless you're talking a large scale commercial grow, which whilst super cool and shit isn't really what this community is about.  Not that we'll tell you to fuck off, or not want to see pics of it, just not the sort of info that generally gets discussed here, focus is more on personal growing for rec or med use. 



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