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Just purchased clones and there growing really slow...

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Hey all,


Got myself 2 blue cheese and 1 skunk and one critical mass, since the day after I purchased them there have looked sicker and sicker, I domt know what is wrong with them, I did notice a spider mite on a leaf yesterday so today I treated the whole plants with green cleaner and root cleaner. I have only just noticed them and there where no webs etc so I don't think they where my main issue here...my roots are looking really nice and starting to get there size to them, very white indeed...but the plants that's another's story they are growing but in 1.5 weeks I thought they would be 3 times the size as when I got them. They where well rooted when I recited them and I really don't think they were shocked when transplanted etc. the leafs look all old and shitful.. droopy, curls up and down, edges burnt.....

I'm running 4 315watts, I'm in a 6 by 5 metre room only using half of it.... sealings are very high about 3 metres or more. I always seem to have slow growth with my clones even after 2 weeks ect.... I'm doing most thing I think are correct..


Room temp 20 to 25

Water temp 19

Humidity 30% around most times, lights off it's gets up to %60 I'm runnding a RDWC system with four pots running a 10 outlet air pump for there air.

Also I'm running a 4500lph water pump sucking water into my Rez...

2 150mm fans one sucking air in and 1 out..

Ec was 1 entill I just added go green now it's 1.3. Little worried this is too high?

3 out of the 4 plants look s like crap and have done the day after I got the clones....yesterday I found spider mites so Iv treated them for that ATM...,but Iv got a feeling something else is going on with them

Any questions welcomed need to resolve this issue


By the way it's the skunk that looks the best out of them all.

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They may need the clone dome put back over them and harden them off, i have bought and sent clones before and all the ones i receive look like shit but magically the ones i sent out turn out perfect go figure


i think u just need to harden off your clones and raise the lights higher maybe raise your humidity in the room

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Stating the obvious but something's changed in the transition . They're prolly not used to the light change or some shit . I saw that on a Cervantes doco where you have to gradually introduce them into your new environment .. I'm guessing their old environment is out of reach for you as you bought em off someone else .. good luck ..
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