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Anyone running portable/window A/C?

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Hey guys looking at buying a air conditioner seeing its winter trying to kill a few birds with one stone here, looking at a A/C for this coming heat wave plus it will save me running a chiller for my 1.5 meter aquarium, it will possibly save me running a chiller on my RDWC set up, it will keep me cool and it will keep my grow room cool


sounds too good to be true? i know right! i have good home insulation but wondering about these portable A/C units a lot of people are saying they are absolutely shit because they suck in continuous hot air and suck out the cooled air so i am wondering is anyone running a specific brand in particular that actually works? 


my mate is running the Kogean one i think 14,000Btu and it cools his Mars 700's plus a large bedroom but my budget doesn't stretch far enough for a brand new A/C so i need to look around for something second hand, budget is about $100-$150 (Kogean is like $400-$450)


i would prefer the portable models due to security and someone climbing in the window while home/not home over a window A/C unit


maybe i am pissing in the wind here and i am being over ambitious with my cooling idea/wants but glad to hear from anyone else running either of these A/C units (portable/window type)



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I have used portable air con as well as window units... you do realise the portables still need to be vented out a window or door... window mounted ones chew less electricity and cool better because you don't have the ducting (that runs from the unit to the window or exhaust point) radiating heat back into the room.


Personally, if it were my choice, I would go window mount over portable (unless you regularly want to move the unit from one room to another).

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