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Nutrients Schedule

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Hi, guys, first-time poster here. 

I am brand new to growing marijuana and was wondering if I could get a little advice on nutrient schedules and what people are doing. I am located in Melbourne and will be growing a White Widow and an AK 47, one of each plant. Both seeds are feminized and I will be growing them outside.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks all!

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welcome up matey :thisbig: , ... hey what medium are you growing in ? so you can be given useful info

Hey Frazz, thank you, very excited to begin!

I am using a mix a friend told me about. It's osmocote Plus Organics Potting and Planting mix (50L), fine Farms cow manure (25L), Perlite (5L) and Richgro natural Dolomite Lime (2.5kg)






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nutrient schedule ...

Chrons Super Sauce throughout veg as directed



flowering use something like ... Manutec Bloom Booster, Potash,  and some seaweed /kelp extract

also can use aged bat guano, pigeon /budgie manure ,  these should be added to original soil mix for best results

though tea can be made from manures


beware of salting up the soil with too much/often watering with soluble fertilizers

all da best with 'em :peace:

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