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Guys &gals, Have a stupid newbie question from stupid newbie grower,


If after mixing normal nutrient regime + additives,only reading 270-290 ppms


When measuring runoff,does'nt go over 540 ppms.


Does this mean 1; nutes are'nt strong enough.


                           2; level of nutes in pots,salts hav'nt built up.


                         3; TDS meter belongs with rice cooker graveyard


or                    4; WTF or FIK.


Much love my peeps

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Maybe just confused, been reading bout ppl following feeding schedules and going higher in ppms as plant gets bigger;


The amounts they talk about are up to and over 1000 ppms


I cant even get close to that even when water is loaded up.


So that was reason for question. Are my nutes not good enough?

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I found ppm scale way to broad to get a good grasp on it. I found EC is a lot simpler scale to work with (imo).


Unfortunately it could be a number of things because there's a lot of other info missing from what you've offered up, bob. Like grow medium, ph levels, Nute/Additive info, age of plants and so on.

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Sorry indy, They are all autos (i know,i know get a real yield). All about 68 days from seed.


Coco-perlite-blood & bone and some organic stuff


PH levels have finally settled in acc range. 5.7-6.8


Nutes are grow research 3 parts


additives ;Monsta bud and tonic


                 Worm concentrate,fish emulsion and kelp tonic

               Unsulphered mollasis



Lotsa sticky buds,just a bit stunted thanks to prior bug prob

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If your runoff is higher than whats going in it means there's a build up of salts in your medium (coco I assume?),at double what's going in I'll assume you haven't flushed your coco regularly during the grow.


No idea on the numbers as I also use EC, but they sound too low to me????  I'm one of the one's that pushes EC on my auto's, but it's done on the basis of knowing what signs to look for to judge when to back off.  I use Tropf Blumat drippers in coco, so I run a lower EC than run to waste as a result, but with run to waste I'd be looking at peak EC around 1.8-1.9 during stretch, and backed off to 1.5-1.6 max by the point you're at, with weekly flushing, but those numbers can vary a lot from one strain to the next.



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Seedsman reckons 80-88 days seed to harvest,i'm at about 72


Do you think i should just be flushing for last cpl wks.?


And if so is there a better way of doing it


Also any idea what this black outline on leaves?


only seems to be one plant, Thinking some kinda heat issue



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