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Ezi trimmer

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The problem with many of these auto trimmers is that the bash the shit outta the buds, dislodging loads of trichomes.

Also they don't remove the leaf stem, only the leaf itself.

Once the buds are dry a hash tumbler can do the same thing and a hell of a lot cheaper than some of these devices, but again, the stems remain.

To manicure precisely scissors are the only way imo

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Curved surgical scissors,been using them for trimming and chopping had the same pair 30 years.

Recently bought a new pair $25 from medical supplies.

Once your used to them they kick ass.they are very quick and accurate .because they are curved blades they conform to shape of flowers much better than straight blades.

They also come in different sizes.

I use smal med pair .very sharp when new people smile when they first use them so they must be good

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