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Where to buy CFL Bulbs

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Just chasing some help for selecting CFL's for a small room.


Ideally Id be chasing bulbs between 40w-80w (heaps of 130w available but they are bulky and get much hotter),

Would prefer to have x2-3 6500K bulbs for veg and 5 or more 2700K bulbs for flower.

As they do not penetrate well would prefer multiple smaller watt bulbs around rather than just one bulb fixture.


Where can I buy them who has experience with buying them in AUS?


No i don't want LED or HPS :)

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cam i know you'r probably looking for a cheap alternative but u really need good brand names for CFL if it was just for clones or raising seedlings i would have said get the cheap ebay 40-50w jobs but the cheap lamps are really shit compared to brands like Phillips you really do get what u pay for in CFL lighting


i grew this plant below around 15 years ago i was limited to a budget of a few pennies i picked up the wardrobe for free from a online classified because it was being chucked out, i grabbed the cheapest 150mm exhaust fan, i tossed in 1x 130w CFL and 2x 48w CFL's all in total this was all i used to grow this one plant, i used basic one part nutrient locally made




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Thanks for your help guys and yeah I am aware of bunnings, kmart, etc etc but they only stock up to 23w from memory nothing in the vicinity of growing potential IMO.

Phillips used to make an 80w which was a ripper but it was discontinued and now the highest you see is about 30w in shops (or the 130w & 250w e40 type models on ebay and hydro stores)


All the cfl grow guides i find seem to recommend using multiple mid range wattage globes verses one big 250w as the coverage and penetration of light from a large unit is wasted and plants get shade spots.

The 130w and higher also seem to produce much more heat in confined spaces so my thoughts were to try and reach a combined total of about 200-300 actual cfl watts in both veg and flower (seperate). using multiple bulbs.

I will only been hitting 1-2plants and both will be small autos in a stealth small grow.

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I donno what kind of free space u have but another option is running T5 Fluorescent Lights say run 10 lights over 60cm or 1.2 meters they come in both those lengths, 60x100cm or 120x100cm u will have a light every 10cm which will give good illumination you will need to either SCROG or do lots of tying down


there are some guys on youtube pulling off some nice grows under T5 Fluro Lights


you can find the lights on Ebay and Gumtree maybe even find T8 lights and use T5 conversion tubes





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