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Germination Issue - Winter (Raining all week)

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Hey guys,


First time grower here, have been lurking the forums for a while. 

Outdoors grow in pot plants, in a green house. 


So I planted 6 white widow x big bud seeds in some tiny little pots, and put them under a light my mate uses (don't know what type) for the first 24 hours to help germinate them, then left them outside with a little bit of water every 2nd day to germinate them. However the past 4-5 days there has been one day of sun and the rest rain. I've just put the little pots in a greenhouse outside in a new location that will get a lot more sun, but the plants haven't grown out of the soil yet. I planted last Tuesday, and its Sunday now so its been 5-6 days and they still haven't popped up. What are my next steps to get this moving?



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You don't need light when germinating , you need heat / humidity . Once they sprout , that's when they need light .. the best advice I can give you is to read as much as you can on the internet before doing anything . Sites like grow weed easy are good for noobs like us . Good luck .
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