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Tiny white bugs

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Hello. I am growing Northern lights and they are almost in week 8 of flowering.

Trichomes are still milky pistils are

about 60/70 % brown. I am griwing in soil.

These little white bugs are on the colas top small leaves.

Being so close to harvest im not sure what to do.

I have no idea w hat they are.

Any ideas what they are and what i should do.

Wether to leave them and harvest in the next week and hope they die


Treat them wash the buds before drying?





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See your second picture u can see a big bug on the yellow leaf i don't know what they are called but i had these many years ago, i caught a lady beetle in the garden and placed her in on the plant and she went to work eating every single one living on the whole plant its quiet the scene the lady bug walks up behind the bugs and just starts munching on them haha


we live in a ferocious world man 

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Thanks for replying. I haven't been able to find any lady beetles any where. I have 3 really nice clones with nice fat hard colas and i don't want to end up throwing them away because of a bug.

The trichomes are just starting to change colour and tomorrow is the 8th week of flower.

Because im growing in soil i know that its going to take an extra week or so until i chop them and im not sure what to do.

I know i have those pain in the arse Aphids and I'm leaning towards the white bugs in the photos are the babies or Nymphs.

So if they are aphids and nymphs, what would happen if i leave them for another week then start the drying process? Would halt them from increasing in numbers and die or will they keep reproducing and screwing up my crop?

It's not an infestation by any means but i fear thst it could turn out to be.





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Ugghhh,bugs,nobody wants them,iv'e been having my own battles for last couple mths


I would say at the advanced stage of your grow,you def wanna hit them with natural,no pesticide type of treatment as i'm sure your aware


Don't know what bugs taste like but if you do nothing then e/time you pull on that billy,your gonna hear that crackle and pop,not in a good way.


There are waaaay better people to help you out on this site,all i can suggest is some sorta neem foliar spray or product called bugoff which apparently


can be used up to couple days before harvest.


Anyhoo, I would'nt listen to me and wait for our much more enlightened friends to tell you whatsup.

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If its aphids they are pricks,and they reproduce fast,each aphid will give live birth to around 12 or more aphids everyday per bug,its been my experience with them that they mostly hang on the leave's and not so much the buds,given that you are so close to harvest I wouldn't personally be spraying your plants with anything unless its totally organic and even then I wouldn't risk it id be more inclined to try and remove as many as you can by hand by gently rubbing each leaf top and bottom,if there are any leaves that are particularly bad with bugs then remove the entire leaf and put them straight into a bag seal it off and bin it,and just keep repeating the process everyday or as often as you can,you can wash your buds come harvest to be sure you've got the majority of them little suckers,note if you wash them make sure you hang them straight after the wash and put a fan on them to dry any water on them immediately to avoid mold problems once water is dryed off remove fan and continue to dry them in the usual fashion,cheers GQ


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