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Wet Trim vs Dry Trim

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Hi everyone,


I'm about to finish up my second grow and will be starting the harvest in around a week or so. My last grow was just one plant and more of a test run than anything and I just did a wet trim on it. This time I am doing a bit more research on harvest techniques. I am trying to decide if I want to do a wet or dry trim this time. There seems to be pros and cons of each, what do you prefer?


I am leaning towards a dry trim as I've read it will dry a bit slower and more evenly, and because it dries leaves on it has more flavour and smell as the leaves protect the buds, but can be more time consuming to manicure. Curious what others are doing though.



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I prefer trimming each branch as I chop them off at harvest, while all the leaves are sticking out proud and easy to snip out, I find this to be the quickest way to get a thorough trim, but there's not a lot in it.  If you like a really close trim, this is the better option when possible.


In hot weather I will prefer to leave the leaves on to slow down the drying process though, if possible.  But if it's cool and humid I'll always opt for trimming wet to minimise the risk of mould.


End of the day, either way there's no huge difference, so I say look at the circumstances surrounding each harvest and base decisions on that.  Available time will make your decisions at times as well.  But I will say that if you have a guerilla grow going and bring your buds home to dry, it's very important to trim wet on location before packaging for transport, I only made that mistake once.


You will knock more trich's off trimming dry, but if you trim over a silk screen that's not a bad thing.


Happy harvesting Hydro  :peace:

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Thanks Hashy good advice as usual. I've only ever really wet trimmed myself, and when ever I've helped someone with a trim job it's been a wet trim too. I got 4 plants to do, I will probably end up wet trimming them as that's less time intensive but I might save one of the small plants to dry trim and see what the difference is first hand.

Not sure I like the idea of sitting in the bush wet trimming a few pounds from a bit guerilla grow, much prefer the idea of sitting in front of the TV.



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I always wet trim , much easier I've tryed both and wet is the way to go, if you don't over dry your weed before putting it into buckets to cure and burp you will have no problems and you can control the speed of the drying process .. and I always try to grow strains that the leaves are covered in trics as well So I never trim that stuff off and any trim that is removed gets turned into edibles..
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