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Is this normal for Ozbongs?

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I purchased a new Black Leaf Percolator Icebong last week. https://ozbongs.com.au/black-




The piece came with major defects(ill go into further below), I made the mistake of putting water in it before I found the defects, so I can't return it. 


After contacting ozbongs with photos of the defects, all they had to say was: Is the piece functioning? ME: yes OZBONGS: then we don't see any issue, you can send the bong back at your cost if unused. I did put water in it, but even if I hadn't, after shipping costs, $60 bong isn't even worth it. Alas, thier quality control and customer service have a lot to be desired in my case. No sorry from the rep, nothing, Lucky they only got $60 out of me.


I bought knowing full well that budget bongs are just that, budget, and are far from perfect. But what I received has glaringly obvious basic design flaws... details below.


Anyhow, had I known budget would have been this bad I would have just bought a pricier piece to start with, not into collecting, just want a properly functioning/made bong.


I'm now looking at spending a couple hundred $$ on a good quality piece, but I want to get peoples opinions first on ozbongs.


before dropping allot more money on another, better piece, I don't wanna get ripped off again, anyone know if they even inspect stuff before sending? Is this normal service from them? They are the only place that sell roor and allot of other high $ stuff, so kinda stuck with them.


Any opinions are appreciated.




Pictures attached


To the bong, or maybe its better called a paper weight: the downstem sits completely off center(way to the left) in the bong due to the joint be made off center. Not a problem that will stop the bong from functioning, but you would assume, even on a budget piece that the joint would at least be centre?


Next is the downstem sits at the wrong angle, due again to the joint being made wrong. It sits way too horizontal, in turn meaning it sits about 1-2cm higher than it should, meaning I have to way over fill the thing just to cover the downstem slits....if the joint was at the correct angle it would sit more vertical and lower/in the corner of the beaker bottom.


Worse still the DS joint has an uneven grind and leaks air. So basically, unless I learn how to fucken grind glass(yeah right), this paper weight will never be airtight......


Glass cone is also ground uneven and leaks, in fact, its ground so uneven that it wiggles around in the joint(doesn't matter how I try and place it either). The only thing ground right is the downstem and ash catcher, tested it in friends glass and they are the only airtight pieces.


I've placed the ash catcher next to the bong to try and illustrate just how fucked up the downstem angle is, the catcher should be sitting near level with the correct DS angle.


Also, the joints is bodged so much that the stem is nearly resting on the inside wall of the bong


Of note, one of the pics is from the ozbongs advert(last pic), if you take notice the stem joint pictured a lot more vertical and protruding from the top of the bubble in the beaker, if you notice on mine the stem is more horizontal, and coming from the bottom of the bubble in the beaker, almost resting on the glass inside. This means more water needed and less stack room:(


These aren't little niggles but major design flaws that were they any worse would make an already harsh, leaky bong completely useless.


Other pics are of the off center downstem.


Should i go with ozbongs again or not? Could this be a one off?













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I've only ever had great experiences with Ozbongs as well, and would have to say I'm slightly surprised with the abruptness of their response.  Having said that, aside from offering you a refund if it was unused, I'm not sure what else they could do besides paying the return freight.  Seems to me to be more of a quality control, and general quality, issue with the manufacturer than with Ozbongs.


Can't really expect them to do anything if you have used it, but I do think they should have offered to cover return post on an item that isn't up to advertised standard.

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OzBongs have never let me down either, like it's been said here already... cheap your usually substituting $$$ for quality, sadly this is the case here.


If you want functional get a beaker, they never fail! Haha


Good luck in your search for your new glass [emoji1365]



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but you guys do see what im talking about right, in the photos? that stem is totally off, both offset to the left and sitting way too horizontal, comparing my bong to the last pic(ozbongs advert)


Im sorta worried about buying anything expensive if they don't inspect stuff before sending it out, im totally ready to pick up a much higher quality piece, as said above lesson learned.


Just don't wanna get ripped off $200+ when they have already taken me for $60

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Shitaye, A few mixed reviews. I used them once and everything was delivered in good condition, and very responsive in doing so.

I will give them props for shipping, think I placed the order on a Monday and got it on Friday arvo, same state. But maybe a little too fast, a little more care with quality control. would be great.

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