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Carbon Filter Size

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Hey TimH,

I'd recommend one(1), it ain't the number of plants that increases your weight, but the space/area. I'm in a 3x3m space and I only grow one. I grow SCROG, so I spread my growth out using netting so that the plant height is reduced in a confined space. Only growing the one makes things easier. It does take a bit longer in the grow cycle(18/6) to fill the grow space tho. Here's a 1 plant SCROG grow https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/gallery/image/10063-7/

As for your carbon filter, go big. IMO the bigger the better the last thing you want is for nosey neighbours to get a whiff. Also I agree with Sir PsychoHashy go the Phresh Filter, they work and work well.



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What Merl1n says about numbers is correct, but not necessary.  Being a rectangle shaped tent I'd recommend a minimum of 2 plants though.  I have that size tent and have done crops ranging from 2 to 10 plants, the 10 was a fuckup though.  I generally do 6 or 8 because I don't have the patience to wait to find out about all the different strains in the seed stash :whistle:


It really comes down to how much of a rush you're in, you will fill the space faster with more plants, but also leave yourself open to more difficulties managing them all successfully.  And, growing less plants allows them to be better established by the time they go into flower, which can lead to stronger flowering.


I also do SCROG grows as it's the best way to utilise space and lighting indoors.  Research the technique before attempting it, and be ready for a few attempts before you perfect it,  I would recommend getting a straight forward grow or 2 under your belt first so you can get a feel for stretch and how much abuse plants can take at various stages.

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That's a nice size tent Tim, usually us smaller growers chose less numbers usually under 10 because over that number is a commercial quantity if busted and charged


if u go by the above advice from other members 1-2 plants and SCROG and if anyone finds your plants in the worse case you might just get a fine or community service where as if your growing 30 plants in that same tent it will be delt differently...


i linked a video the other day to OSA it was a bloke vegging a tall plant than he some how twist and snaps the branch than SCROG's the plant and pulls a kilo per plant of bud


heres the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdMz8BsHIOQ&t=4s its a bit brutal but when u think about guys growing outdoors in the bush the brutality they must see from kangaroos and wallabies running thru there crops and what not smashing there plants


if i had the room man i would do 2 plants = 4lb fuck yes!

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Hey Gazza,


Jeebuz, that's a bit brutal.

I train my girl from young, not beat the old bitch into submission. That's savage IMO lol

Nice results that's for sure.

I use 3 nets, one steel legged table covered in steel mesh, for training and 2 trailer nets above for support.

But that's basically the same sort of set up I do with my SCROG, pot/plant in the middle and grow her out like a starfish.


Hey Tim,


You can try your 8 if you wish, BUT, When you go 12/12, believe me!!!! the growth is going to overwhelm that entire space. Too much growth is going to reduce your air flow. Reduced airflow can cause BIG problems with mould, especially in flower. Some people place lights underneath their SCROG nets to get the lower growth to bloom,(not something I'd recommend) if you have a water issue and flood your space a light on the floor is simply DANGEROUS. Personally I strip all of the undergrowth out to assist with airflow.

Here's a link to a pic of before and after https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/topic/12055-all-join-in-just-a-pic-dump/page-337?do=findComment&comment=399843

Just remember, more plants does not mean more buds in a confined space.


Hope it helps


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