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Vanuatu sativa

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Thanks Gazza yeah a bit reluctant to waste space if their just junk .

Had a thought they might of been a nice tropical sativa worth making seeds with but?

Do you know anything re the Malawi x duck foot ?

Maybe should of named this yantra freebies.

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Dunno about Yantra's breeding programs. Never got the impression they were bothered trying to stablise anything they bred or sourced. Most A lot of the crosses seemed to be mis-matched.
Just come across to me as another pollen-chucker breeder, no shortage of 'em.

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Anyone out there grown out the Vanuatu sativa freebies from yantra.?


I grew that South Epi Vanuatu recently.

I don't have photos sorry.


All i can say It grew very fast and tall. a triffid lol

It was a nice smoke. uplifting high with clarity.

i'll grow it again. might drop a seed tomorrow.

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hi to one and all 


hope you all have been happy and heALTHY 

i have been away for a while and busy as fuck after moving last year to the new home in the south of aust 

and a new job in the west that keeps me away three weeks at a time enough said 


i bought the vanuatu sativa from yantra last year and have two going this year 

well they reached the top of the fence by dec planted in oct/nov cant remember exactly when so i have bent them over and god they keep on growing 

i really want too see what one would do in the wild lol

good luck on my behalf they both are females yipee

and so far not too much smell that will come for sure 

i will put some pics up soon 

so yantra again have come through with the goods i grew some durban poison last year and that rocked  but lost some potency due too having to quick dry it in the oven to beat  mould that was being a real pain too much rain her last year 

but it has made some wicked milk yummy and milk ice cubes one in the coffee before bed and sleep like a baby 


i also have an indica going that was from a feminized mix pack it is going to be a real stinky girl i think looking good even after the dog sat on it lol


i will keep you all updated 





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