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Sounds a bit like myself. I'm having Sex Issues. I dunno if I want to be a lesbian or a poofter.


I guess I won't know until I stick my flute in a blokes butt. Though I think I'm slightly leaning towards being a carpet muncher..


Bloody first world issues these days...  :doh:

It shows, the you play music doesn't lie Edited by pedro de pacas
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I'm a lesbian



It shows, the you play music doesn't lie


Well, Darlin'. If us Dykes are going to judge each other by the taste of our music. Your choices would suggest to me that I'd have more of a chance of arousing a wet leg warmer, than yourself, if I was to go down on either two. :P


At least we know who the flamboyant bitch is around here. :egyptdance:

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