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Opinions: sexing... mothers or cuts?

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So as title suggests, got a few new strains up atm and about to take cuts and start sexing. Having a major brain fart, dunno if its too early or if im over thinking.

So what do you guys do, flower the original seedling or take a cut and flower that? I see benefits of both and in the past i wasnt as tight for room and was alot more patient lol.

Just playing around with a few new strains can be a fun and exciting time, but the work involved can be a pita! lol cheers, Kb.

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there is several options and it does depend on space and available grow rooms.


if you have a grow and veg chamber... take a few cute.. 3 or 4 of each new strain.. put the cuts into veg.. and flower out the original plants.


any that you like. . keep the cuttings of... if you dont like them... scrap the cuttings and pop more beans.

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Yeh this is the way ill go about it, and yeh got seperate rooms etc. Will double lable as to be certain lol. Was tossing up between this method and flowering cuts to have established mothers ready to go. My current mothers will suffice in the meantime.

And flowering out seedings will not only determine sex, ill also get a sample of things to come. Sounds like a win win situation.... cheers, kb.

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Nah the secret was a recent gift but you'd be on the mark with the hk ford. I do have 2 taller and 2 stout, money is on the taller pheno being male, read in few diff places thats what they do...guess time will tell. Not too powerful ay? Ill see what magic i can work!!!

Fuckin wish i had a zoidfuel!!! I seen the test grows elsewhere and awwwwhawtdiggitydang!!!! Kb.

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