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skunk smell when driving near some creeks in Queensland

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this one is a bit unusual, but I was hoping someone might know the plant that smells deliciously like skunk.


Every now and then when driving through parts of the South East Queensland countryside where there is thickish rainforest-like growth near a swampy area or near a creek, I get a beautiful smell of skunky goodness. My first experience of this was on the old bruce hwy when going through Nambour. I think you can still smell it, if pulling off to go towards the big pineapple.


I know it's a bit random, but I reckon if you lived near an area like this, you could grow the stinkiest strain and no-one would have a clue ... plus it smells great - at least to me. 



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lol and its not just Queensland either I often smell that same distinct smell when I'm cruising about and without fail I look at hubby every time and ask can you smell that,,,there's a crop around here somewhere,I never go looking for it though because I've seen some very nasty booby traps set up around crops over the years,if I'm walk-in around the bush,rainforest, scrub and I smell that smell I get the fuck out a there quick smart and I don't look back, still enjoy the smells but,its defiantly one of my favorite smells though


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