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#Australian senate

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List of the members of the current senate in Australia 2017


These are the people that are deciding on what is good for you and great for pharma and there share prices and mates stockholdings.

You do not even come into the equation 



we all pay these people






They have no interest in you ,as long as you ignore them.



Write ,email,ring,text

If you dont ......well .....you will be purchasing from overseas,running the risk of a criminal record for saving a life ,or doing nothing more than growing a natural god giving gift of a plant....you criminal you ,


They have no interest in supporting local industry ,unless it is there mates business,which they have already sown up, in which we could lead the world in .....

Happy to sell tobacco and alcohol,and make money off poker machines.


Wake up sheep ,the veil of government deception is lifting worldwide ,the criminals are not in jail ,they are in Canberra and Washington and London ,Rome and Israel,


The citizens of the world need to be protected from these liars not cannabis  


The world is run by psychopaths


And your children will pay the price ,


Get up and boom baby boomers ,,lame excuse for hippies.....those of you profit to much from it being illegal,have lost touch


Where is your humanity


Profits,power and control, before people











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youre about 7 decades too late if you think you can change the status quo

even if you could worm your way into the decision/law making farce

they would recognise you straight away and burn you at the stake


nice knowing ya cinders :peace:

Obviously your a glass half empty sort of a fella.

People power can change anything ......

This countries gone down the tubes like the rest of the world because of ....aww...

Its all to hard.

You have been programmed well .


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no , no hard feelings at all, i only wish you were right

but i dont believe you can collectively organise the 'people' to harness their ' power '

i havent seen it in a lifetime but i hope you do


besides dont worry about my current attitude ...  i have plenty more :thumbsup:

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Its not about collectively harnessing it ...1 in 3 Australians have participated in cannabis in this country ...it is not something new no one has ever heard about.

Remember it is my generation.

Apparently ...that wise politicians in my lifetime... I have heard will talk about saying we cannot afford to leave issues un addressed for other generations to fix .

They are doing nothing and digging a bigger hole of debt and bad mismanagement ...on either side of the political divide ..enslaving young people in debt ....up to there eyeballs......following the debarcle in Europe and the US.

And they like to prattle on about how it's different here....your right nothing has changed in 70 years .....but because ....no one speaks .....

Elected officials of state and territory in service to the Queen ....

Generations before us may have fallen for that bullshit .....

TV and sport have worked a charm for them.

Really ....

They are the terrorists.


And they are shitting themselves at the day you realise.


Wake up Australia







Posted from the OZ Stoners mobile app

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I love living in Australia for many reason, however some / most of our laws are just archaic. Give it another 10 years and the government might catch up with the rest of the world and loosen up. How can it be decriminalised in Canberra?


Many other countries have managed to accept it for what it is, even the Americans have woken up to it! Whilst in the Balearic islands last year, one night in bar with my cousin, I catch a whiff of the lovely herb and make comment to my cousin, she simply flips it off and says" oh yes, that's normal, it's allowed here, your allowed to grow two none hydro plants for your own use, ! "


I'm hopeful that that day will come to us in my lifetime, Once the states all work out how they can get rich from it, can't be that hard to figure out can it?

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The governments are buying your silence, with bribes of free shit for all, don't bother saving for a house, the Gov will help you out, some other tnuc can look after the kids

free child care, fuck yeah.

Some of the dickheads that voted Gough in, even think they got a FREE education, and still do


Most Australians don't mind being slaves as long as someone else is paying, like your grandkids and their grandkids


We have become welfare island for anyone that can get here, free everything, someone else can work and support them.

Its unsustainable but don't tell anyone


Stand UP for yourselves, lol yeah right

Back to sleep sheeple


And remember by voting you are to blame

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