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A different canna?

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We all like growing cannabis but there is another useful kind of canna that is handy to grow in the garden and there called canna lilies, canna lilies are not technically lilies at all but they can however be grown as water plants in fish ponds and around small dams,canna lilies grow in full sun but will tolerate filtered sun and shady areas as well,both the leaves and the flowers come in variety of colours from green,green blue,purple,red,deep purple leaves and flowers that's come in pink,red,orange,yellow and they give a real tropical feel to any garden,they grow from a rhizome just beneath the soil and are similar to the ginger family and multiply pretty fast ,canna lilies aren't just all about good looks though, they also make a be1f31f089ee15cb9d28c29f64848a77.jpg4ebc9418ed22650f051eb10140edbfa4.jpg936c23e32ffad19698ab58088101529a.jpg9aa808bb4e008cff2a0116edecfd88ee.jpg8512dae9e840c520507de082776815cc.jpgfe36c403c755db6da602d3ca946a2189.jpgb8c350069c25598a7c92a681c646bb78.jpgfantastic compost and you can get 3 to 4 harvest's a year from a healthy canna, all you have to do is cut your Canna's right back to ground,cut your material into small pieces and add it to your compost,Canna's have a high water content which makes them perfect for composting as they break down fast producing beautiful natural water retaining compost CANNABIS plants love to feed on CANNA COMPOST its true


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