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Does size matter?

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Hello fellow partakers of herbal excellence,lately i've been making you all nod off winging bout bloody fungus gnats and


how they stunted my babies,well finally kidnapped my daughter and made her show me how to download bloody pics.


After much screaming and yelling out to her mother,reinforcements arrived.(for my daughter) :angel: ,This is me  :jail:


Anyhoo think got hang of it before being dragged away :wallbash:  Apoligies if nothing is in right placepost-61357-0-20183100-1498222586_thumb.jpg 25 days old

2;post-61357-0-42026700-1498222731_thumb.jpg WW 25 days. not to healthy

3;post-61357-0-91263600-1498222812_thumb.jpgGSC 24 days

4post-61357-0-83319900-1498222862_thumb.jpgWW25 days

5post-61357-0-67739500-1498222984_thumb.jpgWW 25 days,prob with light burn or mag def? Help

6post-61357-0-13041900-1498223095_thumb.jpgWW 25 days topped and put straight into finished pot

7post-61357-0-91371600-1498223198_thumb.jpgNot sure,24 days

8post-61357-0-09212800-1498223272_thumb.jpgNot sure 24 days

Does anyone have ANY ideas about whether they look ok for age? :helpsmilie:

All PH readings good so far

Temp in grow room has always been 68-75 deg.RH 55%-73%

Everything in 12in pots in supa-soil with added seasol.

4 T5HOs for seedlings,360w spider cob LED 

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Ahh, yes IMO size does matter.

Plants have 2 cycles, a grow cycle and a flower cycle.

In the grow cycle 'normal' indoor hours of light are 18/6. That's 18hr lights on, 6hr lights off

Now, I say 'normal' because some growers use a different light timings, but me, I use the K.I.S.S. theory 'Keep It Simple Stupid'. Less things for me to cock up lol 18/6 is K.I.S.S.

I keep mine in 18/6 for around 4-5 weeks. This allows the plant stems to grow out and develop branches. Where these branches grow out from the stems is where the buds form. The more branching points= the more budding points= more buds.

I use a what is known as a SCROG style of grow or a SCReen Of Green. I have my plant in the middle of my room, I place a frame made of steel mesh over the top of the plant and grow the plant until my screen is full of veg growth.

Then I turn my lights to 12/12 or 12hrs lights on, 12hrs lights off. This induces flowering.


I must admit these pics are a few years old now but here's a link to my gallery pics https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/gallery/image/10063-7/

If you allow your plant to grow and get bigger before going 12/12, you too can get buds like these.


In your pics, pic 4 & 8 looks like they are already going to flower. It looks like they are already under a 12/12 light cycle imo.

You need them to grow out lots more before turning 12/12. At the moment you're only going to get one bud from the crown only. Grow some branches first and you'll get more budding points.


Hope it helps


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Hey merlin,they are all autos mate,have no control over flowering,it's weird cause they're all same age. Had em on 18/6 since broke through. Had a look under microscope at those ones your talking about,and to me looks like thats where developing new leaves from centre,unfolding new suger leaves. Similar to pistils but just new growth. Mate only newbie so  not sure what i'm talking about.They were under 20/4 for first couple wks. Maybe pots to small?

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If theyre autos at day 24 then they've already started flowering. Autos usually have about a 2 week growth period so dont expect them to get much bigger, maybe that again in height. That said one of the trippiest smokes I've had was a Diesel Ryder that was only about 10cm tall! :D
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