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400w HPS bulb recommendations?

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heh i have a couple old 400w mag ballasts still

for both i have a growlush mh conversion 400w lamps, philips son-t hps 400w lamps, lucagrow GE hps 400w lamp.

mixed results between the lucagrow and philips for flowering.

i've tried leaving the son-t in the whole flower period, leave lucagrows in whole flower period, use mh first 17 odd days then hps next 7 weeks then mh again.

i cant say any method is better than the other because im always growing multi-strain grows and there are too many strains out there to stick to 'solids' or 'favorites'


however when i need to set up a small grow to the side (e.g. seed run with separated plants etc., start up a new crop of seedlings in veg etc.)

i do have the lamps and ballast i need....does this mean I am prepared ?

nah just getting my money out of my 'bad-buy' gear i have accumulated over the years lol.

nothing more .....

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Good question.

Different ball park when you watch it.


son-t all flower: was kinda more of a chunky flowering grow to watch but had that unwanted stretch leaving low down popcorn.

starts off heavy, packs on weight heavy then just sits there after week 6 and packs on a little carbs for x-amount of weeks until harvest


mh-to-hps-to-mh: first kinda the plants grow less at first i believe, the little new start buds in the nodes are smaller, then you change to 2k kelvin lamps around day 17 and they pack on the weight hard.

not sure the plants are a great deal shorter in height from stretch, maybe a little.

also mh has less par and the plants still stretch for par.

when i switched from mh to hps to mh again, the last 2 weeks of flower, i felt like i had been treating my plants really good.

the plants seemed happier right before harvest, not necessarily bigger , but happier.


got a good lookin crop from mh to hps to mh method of flowering.

got a decent smoke too.

i believe it is a good method if you are not after giant yields of commercial bud.

yea you probably do end up a little under weight compared to a son-t day 1 to 70 12/12.

buds looked better though and thats always the best bit.

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I might give the mh to hps a try as my mag ballast will allow it. Yea really after quality, only running 400w so definitely no commersal amounts around here.


Anyone know about sunmaster "duel spectrum"(gimmick?) HPS bulbs? Supposed to have allot of blue spec in them, and isn't sunmaster a quality brand?



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