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Over watered?

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Hi there.

It's my first indoor grow and still getting the hang of things.

These seeds were planted 10 days ago and have been above soil for 9 days now.

Does this look like signs of over water? The temp is about 25°C on average and the humidity between 40% and 50%any advice will help and how do I fix it?02ef5bcb8e481c80a408e6c29279b2f4.jpg109a3f71d03ab4d64f2f0128ababdcb9.jpg7503c552305fb38f4bce5f326ff55238.jpg


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Only reason I haven't replied to your post mate is coz I don't see much wrong with that seedling. If there is any overwatering it looks minimal in my eyes. Someone else may see differently. Can tell you want a response by posting in someone elses journal. Sorry if that's not the answer you need, just don't want ya to think I'm ignorant lol
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What soil are you using? How big is the pot? How much water have you given the seedlings so far? Your humidity might be a little low to see explosive growth, maybe a clear solo cup sitting over the top with a hole poked in it to raise the RH a little might help. Other than that, right now the seedling is focussing on producing roots, you may not see much more growth for another 4-5 days. Dont saturate the pot either and drown the little baby, roots need oxygen ;)

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