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Black Mould?

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Hey guys and girls


In my house i have black mould in every room i don't have wall or ceiling vents but the mould is only small patches does anyone know if black mould effects budding plants? this is my first and only encounter with black mould, i have tried bleach and this shit just does not kill the mould its like its invincible however the mould does wipe off but its very hazardes


I'm not sure if i should be fucking with it or if i should just post pone growing untill i move out due to this complication? landlord is coming to reinspect the place, if i can get rid of it by just spraying something on the roof and it kills it like normal mould and bleach i will be happy to do this so the landlord is happy and leaves me alone but otherwise I'm not sure if i should disturb the mould


what do u think?

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Unfortunately, It's an old wives tale that bleach kills mould. Bleach will remove the black/green colouring but it doesn't actually kill it and the black/green will return.

Believe it or not mould actually has roots and on porous surfaces the roots inbed themselves, so although the bleach wipes off the colour, the roots remain.

Vinegar is an acid. By wiping the wall over with white vinegar each day for a week you will actually kill the mould roots and all.

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We deal with mould day in and day out being cleaners and I did what I explained before in a client's mouldy bathroom and I'm talking walls ceilings the lot that was 8 months ago I spoke to them last week and none of it has returned so that's y I suggested it. But wear a respirator it's fumy as hell did another bathroom this morning didn't put exhaust fan on or have respirator as had it spraying​ paint in the shed last night forgot to grab it lol spent bout an hour after it not being able to handle a smoke without coughing my guts up


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