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Drying buds.

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If my tent is empty I'd use it ,,,,I only use the extraction fan ,,,I find a circulating fan dries them


too quick.,,,some say you need a fan on them to prevent mould ,,,,maybe if your humidity is sky high,


Ventilation is important ,,,,also if it's not too large amount ,cardboard boxes are good too .


Few breather holes and chuck it in the tent with new babies to save time on next grow.

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I don't use my growspace to dry. Having wet buds in a sealed area is asking for trouble IMO

I do, however, believe you need a fan. Not blowing directly onto the buds, but to move the moisture full air around the buds. I do agree with SE that blowing air direct on the buds will dry the surface out too quickly making them crunchy, whilst inside the bud is still wet. So not direct, but to stir the air around the buds.

I also agree with SE on the cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes are best (lined with newspaper) IMO. For me, once the stems snap cleanly, they go direct into boxes, then the contents of the boxes gets turned over every couple of days, again just to move the stale air around.



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So great ventilation.

Dont want them drying to fast either .. The slower the dry the better the taste .. Then learn how to cure once they are dry .

I hang for the first week with extraction fan on a timer, keeping an eye on temps and humidity ( IN THE DARK ) , then trim down and place in trays with shredded paper ( New paper no print) until dry enough to use, one small fan circulating air around the trays is good enough  .. Then I cure for a few weeks to a month in Jars.

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I use a cupboard in a caravan...Hygrometer attached to the inside wall...little fan at the bottom circulating the air...but never let it blow on your buds...Hang em up for 2-3 days...then manicure more and get them off the stems...About halfway up the cupboard I have this mesh stuff( really small squares) pinned out to make a shelf in the cupboard...lay my buds out on that for another 5 days or so...You wanna try keep temp around 21-22c and humidity at 50%....Could take longer depending on how dense and fat those colas are...You'll know when they are done by the feel of them....Then put them into glass jars....I bought mine from the $2 shop....You want you humidity to be a little higher once you put them in the jars...They stay in there for about a month...open em every day...give em a big sniff....its great...youll be able to notice a change in smell/flavour after being in the jars for a week or so...brings out the earth spicey flavours I reckon...You can get little hygrometers that go inside the jars too...I just go by feel...if the feel like they are getting moist again leave them out for an hour or so....

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