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Grow tent

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Mlb almost all the LED's out of China will grow a plant so some growers claim online i have never tried any of the cheaper LED's other than the Mars 300 and iv'e seen the Mars 700 working too


you should be fine using the Chinese led's but something to keep in mind, the other day i was looking at the Mars range and i can remember vaguely they were saying beware of the led lights calming to be high wattage something like u mentioned as they only really draw 200watts of power from the wall


these lights will at lease make a good veg light when in veg the plants are super bushy and super tight nodes, HPS and MH have nothing on them, but come flowering the Chinese led's produce small round popcorn sized buds i suppose if u veg over a decent area and possibly SCROG u might end up with a nice little harvest but it won't be anything like HPS buds but it will give u something to harvest


give it a go anyway you will only gain experience from it :)

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I'm using 2 x 600W and 1 x 300W cheaper LED lights from China. One of the fans (the 600's have 4 each) has stopped working and another started being really noisy yesterday. I'm using all 3 in my veg tent - just cos they're not as strong as the proper LED's that cost loads.But apparently for my bloom tent (yet to be decked out) I need either HPS's or real quality, strong PAR, LED's.
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